Arsenic and Old Lace poster web


a comedy by Joseph Kesselring

2 – 11 December 2021

Tickets on sale 21 October

Originally performed in 1941 and made famous by the film starring Cary Grant, Arsenic & Old Lace was one of the first and funiest comedies of multiple murders, putting black comedy truly back on the theatrical map. It tells the story of two charming and gentle old ladies who poison their lonely, elderly lodgers in order to save them from the sorrows of this world – however, not everybody shares their views! 

Described as an inspired and delightful concoction, combining the charm and ingenuity of an Agatha Christie Whodunit but having a sharper satirical perspective.

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Abby Brewster Anne Gregory
Martha Brewster Diane Ebden
Mortimer Brewster Robin Clark
Elaine Harper Abigail Pedrick
Teddy Brewster Chris Hannigan
Jonathan Brewster Russ Gregory
Dr Herman Einstein Peter Damesick
Officer Klein Benjamin Stein
Officer O'Hara Robert Randall
Mr Gibbs/Lt Rooney
David Kay
Officer Brophy Jay Rolfe
The Rev Dr Harper Tony Richardson
Mr Witherspoon Phil Wright
Director Sheila Carr