Social Distancing, Face Masks & Hand Sanitisation

We've removed 'social distancing' from the theatre. However, please avoid close contact with others whilst moving around.

The government have removed the legal requirement to wear face masks indoors. However, we ask that – out of courtesy to others – you wear one whilst in the Miller Centre, except when eating and drinking. 

We have hand sanitiser available at various points around the building – please make use of this as necessary.

Our ventilation system changes the air in the auditorium several times every hour.

Feeling unwell?

Please do not attend if you have Covid-like symptoms, feel unwell or you need to self-isolate.


Contactless Payments

We accept contactless card payments for most small value purchases, such as ice creams. We can still accept cash but prefer contactless payment.


Hearing Loop

For those with a hearing impairment we have a Sennheiser hearing loop installed. There are two device types:

  • If you wear hearing aids with a 'T' switch, pick up a loop connector, which is worn like a necklace. 
  • For everyone else we have in-ear receivers, rather like personal headphones.

All devices are sanitised after use. There is no charge for using these devices.


And finally ....

Finally - and most importantly – please enjoy the experience of being back in the Miller Centre and the magic of Live Theatre!