by David Haig

7 to 16 May 2020

June 1944. Everything is in place for the biggest invasion ever known in Europe – D-Day. But one last crucial factor remains: the weather. American celebrity weatherman Colonel Krick predicts sunshine, while Scotsman Dr James Stagg, Chief Meteorological Officer for the Allied Forces, forecasts a storm. General Eisenhower, Allied Supreme Commander, knows the decision will not only seal the fates of thousands of men, but could win or lose the entire war: so which of these rival experts should he trust? This play has been chosen to commemorate the 75th anniversary of VE Day on 8th May 2020.



Dr James Stagg Michael Cooke
Lieutenant Kay Summersby Penny Parker
Andrew Robin Clark
General Dwight Eisenhower Chris Hannigan
Colonel Irving Krick Keith Robertshaw
Electrician/Sir Trafford Leigh Mallory John Lacy
Sir Bertram Ramsey Simon Broderick-Ward
General 'Tooey' Spaatz/Commander Colin Franklin Mike Millsted
Lieutenant Diane Battersby/Secretary Natalie Jones
Captain Johns Tony Johnson
Naval Meteorologist Matt Stone
Director Chris Hearn